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Breadstack Technology

Unified eCommerce Solution

Breadstack Tech is a suite of eCommerce solution designed to help eCommerce entrepreneurs scale their business. Breadstack is more than just a Customer Data Platform, Breadstack brings together customer engagement, business intelligence, and eCommerce capabilities, all under one roof. Helping entrepreneurs monetize their First-Party Data. 


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Problem + Goal

In an oversaturated SaaS landscape, our challenge was navigating a red ocean teeming with companies offering similar solutions. Amidst market commoditization and limited differentiation, our goal was clear: stand out. To achieve this, we envisioned a strategic dual approach. First, a compelling Go-to-Market plan, emphasizing a unique value proposition tailored to resonate with specific audience pain points. Second, a targeted Demand Generation strategy, deploying multi-channel marketing, content differentiation, and strategic partnerships to maximize visibility and credibility. 

Research + Competitor analysis

Our team initiated the process by crafting a comprehensive research plan delineating the problem space, research objectives, inquiries, methodologies, participant screening criteria, and underlying assumptions. 

We delved into extensive market research to acquaint ourselves with prevailing trends and industry best practices. Following this, we undertook a thorough competitor analysis to pinpoint trends in the industry and distinctive features within the realm of eCommerce.


View Our full research plan, and view our full in-depth competitor analysis.


Research Objectives:


• Uncover the habits and behaviors of eCommerce entrepreneurs.


• Understand the frustrations and pain points experienced by entrepreneurs in their business operations.

•To identity what entrepreneurs value when scaling their business


In light of our research findings, we're started to advance our project. We've pinpointed the necessity for a homepage video on our website and devised a content plan for our social media channels. My workflow typically starts with scripting, storyboarding, design and finally, assembling the final deliverables.

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Final Deliverables

Social Media

Breadstack's social media plan is dedicated to enhancing our online presence and brand recognition. Our approach involves sharing visually captivating content that not only highlights our software but also provides insights into our team culture, educational content, and customer stories. Central to our strategy is active engagement with our audience and the community, fostering meaningful interactions. We consistently monitor analytics to ensure our social media strategy evolves for optimal performance, adapting to the dynamic landscape of our audience's preferences.

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Photo taken Dec 15th, 2023

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