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Last Mile Delivery

CanFleet is a logistics and delivery management platform that helps businesses optimize and streamline their last-mile delivery operations. The platform offers features such as real-time tracking, route optimization, automated dispatching, and communication tools for efficient coordination between drivers, dispatchers, and customers. CanFleet aims to enhance the overall delivery process, making it more transparent, efficient, and customer-friendly.


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Problem + Goal

We faced the challenge of navigating the traditional logistics industry to educate business owners about the evolving market landscape. The shift in customer preferences for package delivery after online orders necessitated a change. Our goal was simple: stand out and educate the industry about our distinctive approach to last-mile delivery. To achieve this, we formulated a Go-to-Market plan highlighting a unique value proposition tailored to address the pain points of business owners. Additionally, we developed a Demand Generation strategy, employing multi-channel marketing, content differentiation, and strategic partnerships to enhance visibility and credibility.

Research + Competitor analysis

Our team initiated the process by formulating a comprehensive research plan that outlined the problem space, research objectives, inquiries, methodologies, participant screening criteria, and underlying assumptions.


We conducted extensive market research to familiarize ourselves with current trends and industry best practices. Subsequently, we engaged in a thorough competitor analysis to identify prevalent trends in the industry and distinctive features in the realm of last-mile delivery.


For a detailed overview of our research plan and an in-depth competitor analysis, please visit the following links:


View Our Full Research Plan


View Our Full In-Depth Competitor Analysis


Research Objectives:


  • Explore the habits and behaviours of eCommerce entrepreneurs involved in the delivery process.

  • Understand the frustrations and pain points experienced by entrepreneurs in their business operations related to last-mile delivery.

  • Identify what customers value when it comes to receiving their packages.


Based on our research findings, we've initiated the next phase of our project. Recognizing the need for several commercial-style videos to feature prominently on our website, we've also developed a content plan tailored for our social channels. Typically, my workflow begins with scripting, followed by storyboarding, design, and ultimately, assembling the final deliverables.

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Final Deliverables

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Social Media

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Our social media strategy for CanFleet was straightforward.

Our objective: establish a credible company brand and image. Through thoughtfully curated content, which included showcases of our company culture, shared industry insights, and educational video tidbits, we successfully generated 20,000 impressions from paid media and organic. Implementing our strategy, we achieved a substantial growth, and meaningful expansion of our social media audiences and heightened brand engagement

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Photo taken Dec 15th, 2023

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