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Ledcor Group

I successfully executed a series of impactful initiatives during my tenure at the company. I produced three engaging Annual General Meeting (AGM) videos, effectively showcasing various facets of our business to a substantial audience of 10,000 employees and contractors. Moreover, I spearheaded the establishment of an internal production division, resulting in remarkable cost savings of over $25,000 per month by eliminating the need for external media agencies. Additionally, my philanthropic efforts were instrumental in raising over $276,250 in just three years for BC Children's Hospital, Movember, and other charitable causes. These accomplishments, along with my ability to streamline training programs and build a comprehensive internal sales training university, saved the company a significant sum of $1.2 million over three years. Furthermore, I secured a lucrative 6-month, 100+ training module contract with Telus Communications Inc University valued at $250,000, showcasing my proficiency in driving business growth and innovation.

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